Engagement of Leizer Noach Feldman (Zurich) and Bashy Banach (Antwerp) (2 Pics)


Certainly the Torah has guided observant Jews for thousands of years. Nevertheless, the United States of America and its president are not bound to legislate in accordance with the Torah. Religious Jews are just one group in the plethora of religious communities in the United States and we can hardly condemn the president for not taking Torah law into account. Taking a step back, it seems to me that—with all due respect to the various institutions quoted above—all of these statements are missing the boat. In contrast, same-sex marriages are of interest to a certain subset of the population, and do not affect the lives of heterosexuals who wish to marry their opposite-sex partners. What is not under the purview of Orthodox Jewish institutions, or the institutions of any other religious group, is to demand that America enact legislation that is specifically in line with its own religious tenets. To paraphrase a quip made by a colleague, I assume the NCYI would not be shocked to learn that in addition to supporting gay marriage, President Obama also does not keep Kosher and drives on Shabbat. Although I have no problem with all fifty states permitting gay marriage, Boteach makes an alternative suggestion that is worth considering. He argues that perhaps the government should leave the marriage business altogether and only do civil unions.

Sons of Noah

The first topic of the Parsha is Shmitta, the seven year sabbatical for the land of Israel. Parshat Behar teaches us how to handle the disappointments and failures which are part of the transformation from shlita control to shmitta relinquishing. The lamed is of a tall and proud shape, towering above all other letters. The mem is bent representing its humbleness and acknowledgement of Hashem. Hiking up a mountain requires great balance, as does life.

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I glanced at their charts and saw some bold WNLs. It seems they have gone down under to a “Whole Nother Level”. What does this mean? When one is inebriated he is not in full control of his faculties so he has some kind of an excuse for doing inappropriate things. When one is sober he has no such excuses. Rashi goes on to explain that if one commits sins due to involuntary circumstances or duress inebriated , HKBH is willing to be lenient forgiving when judging him.

However, once he commits the same sins willfully and when there is no duress sober , not only is he punished for these willful transgressions, but all the involuntary ones are tacked on to his rap sheet. So in this case, the involuntary inebriation driven sins are added to the voluntary sober ones. A perfect example is that it is very common for young men who are unmarried to be unable to withstand natural temptations and they fall in shmiras habris.

We hope that HKBH will be very forgiving of this iniquity being that there is basically nowhere to go. But, once the young man marries, he can be expected to channel his temptations to the proper address and do teshuva for the past. This pasuk indicates that, if so, he will get off easy. However, if even under these circumstances, when he has permissible options, he continues with this behavior, he is in trouble.

If he continues on the same path, he is demonstrating retroactively that he never did care to avoid this behavior.

D.A.F. list of Shiurim

In the comments section I took issue with what he said. The following post is a reworking of some of my remarks on the narrower topic of immorality in the liberal Jewish world. Socially conservative Orthodox Jews often feel that outside their walled city, America is experiencing a serious decline of morals.

Noahide Righteous Gentile Bnai Noach Ger Singles shared a link.

Parshat Korach Jun 11, “They Korach and his assembly gathered together against Moses and against Aaron and said to them It is much for you! For the entire assembly, all of them, are holy and Hashem is among them, so why do you exalt yourselves over the Congregation of Hashem? He possessed Ruach HaKodesh.

How did he allow himself to rebel against Moshe? After numerous attempts to convince Korach and his men to retreat and put an end to their path of self-destruction, Moshe finally agreed to prove he was just in his divinely commanded choices. Moshe told Korach and his men that “If Hashem will create a new creation and the earth opens its mouth and swallows them and all that is theirs Hashem could have wrought any miracle but Moshe foretold something never seen upon this earth.

It is interesting to note that when Moshe was beseeching Hashem to refuse the korban incense offering of Korach and his men, Moshe told Hashem that he had ” Moshe’s claim to Hashem was that he was not reimbursed for the use of his own donkey in his travels and therefore Hashem should not accept the offering of Korach and his men. The Medrash Tanchuma tells us that Korach professed deep shame at being forced to shave the hair of his entire body.

In what way is this connected to his stated goal, to depose Moshe as a ruler? Rashi points out that the Torah specifically left out Yaakov’s name Korachs great-great granfather becuase Ya’akov davened to Hashem that his name not be mentioned with this act of heresy to avoid degrading his name. The Kli Yakar offers another explanation for the exclusion of Ya’akovs name.

As we know, Ya’akov and Esav were polar opposites.

The Age of the Universe

A broad discussion of shittos about what? There is no mention of the Besht nor his shitta of HP. If you are saying that he has a broad discussion of bitachon – that is irrelevant to our discussion. There is nothing that he cites that a good litvak wouldn’t be comfortable with.

Dec 31,  · Rabbi Maryles wrote an essay on Immorality in Western Culture (12/22/06). In the comments section I took issue with what he said. The following post is a reworking of some of my remarks on the narrower topic of immorality in the liberal Jewish world.

Though many are Jews with a solid foundation in their faith, many are secular and just learning. No, not the traditional text essays, commentary and articles you can already find daily, but an explosion of interactive audio lectures. What makes it really wonderful is it doesn’t matter if you are experienced in Gemara, or just starting to read Humash, there is something for everyone through an audio platform known as Paltalk. The catalyst for this technology is a 39 year old Jewish man from Long Island.

New York’s own Jason Katz, an attorney and entrepreneur who developed Paltalk audio in Paltalk is an audio chat service which has hundreds of topics from food, to politics to hobbies. At any given time on Paltalk hundreds of thousands of people are speaking to one another-free of charge-across the globe. One of the most popular sections is religion. Inside this section you will find Judaism, and there you will find a virtual online Jewish community.

What has the Jewish world buzzing with excitement is that an increasing number of yeshivot are going online, offering shirum around the clock. Though you get all types of Jews as well as the occasional non-Jew or self-professing friendly Noahide the entire section is a Torah-true environment. The rabbis who speak come from an orthodox perspective and teach kosher Torah!

Anyone can open up a room and talk, but more and more rooms are being purchased on Paltalk’s premium business service by Jewish organizations.

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Description of our Yeshiva: From small beginnings, great things can grow. A group of five young men, a few of them newly returned from various yeshivot in Eretz Yisrael, chose to become part of a program that would help center them as Bnei Torah while they spent their days at work or college.

Another problem with dating YM in the early bronze age, is the time of years to binyan BHM. It is much longer from the early bronze age. You could bring Velikovsky’s taana about changing all of the chronology, but it is possible but not probable.

The Partial View Thinking out loud; discussing and debating the current issues and challenges affecting the Torah and yeshiva communities such as population growth, dangers of technology, parnassah, shidduchim, financial support of Torah and Chesed institutions, news of the yeshiva world and reviewing frum blogs,Torah media outlets. This video was shown about the faces of poverty in Eretz Yisrael. He spoke about his bekiyus and yashrus he was a bor sid shein maabed tipah but more so was a maayan hamisgaber.

Rav Ovadiah once spoke at the knessiah gedolah of Agudas Yisrael and he mentioned the three important things that the Agudah started. Chinuch atzmoi, Bais Yaakov for girls, Shiurei Torah. He had a ahavas haberiyos which came from his ahavas haTorah. Guest appearance by Rabbi Noach Muroff- Video of convention speech HERE After showing the video of his story, Rabbi Muroff spoke briefly addressing those who questioned whether he had a right to keep the money halachickly.

He said the Torah is worth more than all money in the world isn’t it worth to make a kiddush hashem he said its not his own kiddush hashem but one of all of Klal yisroel, we should conduct ourselves in our daily lives no matter the amount of money with emunah and ehrlichkeit. Its time to answer the call “mi lahshem eloy”.

Bnei Noach: Gentiles Spreading Monotheism

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One of the beauties of true free speech is that it allows all of us to see what unthinking idiots exist in our midst; when liberals burn a flag, they condemn themselves far more effectively than I could ever do. In fact her fans did support her through the entire crises and now she is slated to have a year-end concert as well.

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Jewish Humor Central: A Comedy Classic for Parshat Noach

Rashi says that mishpatim, the code of civil and criminal law, completed the Sinai experience. What is the function of the mishpatim in terms of the original giving of the Torah? The Almighty related his word and bylaws to Israel but did not do so to the other nations of the world.

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It is written in the Midrah R. Hasa says, “the Scripture writes ‘that you came"” asher ba’t. And many have already discussed this Midrash at length, but it appears to our master that one must first consider the verses in Exodus 19 Thus shall you say to the house of Jacob and tell the people of Israel. You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore thee on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself.

Now, therefore, if you will obey My voice and keep My covenant, you will be My own possession among all the nations, for all the earth is Mine. These are the words which you shall speak to the children of Israel. What is the significance of the repetitive mention of “the house of Jacob” and “the people of Israel”? What is the difference between “saying” amirah and “telling” haggadah? The words “if you will obey” shamo’a tishm’u is encompassing, so what is it necessary to add “keep my covenant” u-sh’martem briti?

How does “for all the earth is Mine” provide an explanation for “you will be my possession among all the nations”? What is signified by the repetitive mention of “a kingdom of priests” and “a holy nation”? We know indeed that the Eternal commanded each one of us to observe and to fulfill the Torah and the commandments according to our own individual capacities.

Critics Of Bible Silenced

My main reason in bringing Kabbalah into the question at all is that there are very few books that discuss hashkafah Jewish thought. Among the sum total of books that discuss hashkafah, a large percent would be considered sifrey Kabbalah. Therefore, I am not speaking of Kabbalah per se. Rather more correctly, I am speaking of the age of the universe as discussed in Kabbalistic literature. I will begin with a kasha, a question that has been around for almost a century.

It involves the age of the universe, and it is a classical kasha.

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I wasn’t referring to knowledge of the future per se, although this does have the potential to generate logical paradoxes. In any case, you do already address some of the issues I have listed. I will have to look at the Igrot Moshe you cited when I get a chance, but if would care to list some of the answers you found, that would also be useful.

Also, I am curious to know what you mean by mitzvot that apply exclusively to Bnei Yisra’el. Which mitzvot are not in that category? Also, there are some other mitzvos that are applicable to them even though they’re not officially included in the Seven. That’s why I wonder what he meant by mitzvot that apply only to Bnei Yisra’el as opposed to the Avot. I am only avoiding the term “Jew” because its meaning is unclear in a discussion this far back in history. Prophecy is God speaking to Man.

Very rarely in the Bible do we see people forecasting the future, and when they do, it’s through paganistic means. See R’ Menachem Leibtag for more. This is mentioned in various places throughout Midrashic literature as well Midrash Rabba This is usually understood to apply to the other forefathers as well and perhaps Yakov’s children too see Pesachim 50a that Yehudah wouldn’t have married a Canaanite because his forefathers wouldn’t have either.

The only exception to this that I know of is the Rama Teshuva 10 who posits that if Avraham kept all of the commandments, his household members and children specifically Yaakov did not.

The 7 Noahide Laws with Rabbi Manis Friedman