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I have been reading a little this week in my down time and came across this jewel from the “Proceedings of the Royal Society Biological Sciences”. I never claimed to be an expert on the science involved in DNA research. I know there are others here that can help us me understand and explain some of the finer points. I get the basic premise of the paper, and this all goes back to the T. People are obsessed with recovering old DNA. Are we eventually to actually attempt to make “Jurassic Park” a reality? I think that view is far too narrow. We can learn from the DNA we recover more about evolutionary pathways in the Aves. With this methodology should it not be possible to compare DNA between those ancient lines and those extant today?

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Here are some signs that he just wants to be friends. Or why you feel so intensely about someone you’ve never even met? Who or your favorite anime, study for that Quantum Mechanics test you have coming up, or any

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Messenger Nearly one-fourth of young adults are looking for love through dating websites or apps. This relatively new form of courtship can give you access to a large pool of potential partners. It also presents a unique set of challenges. He was shorter than his profile said he was, she looked different in person than she did in her photos, or he was talkative over text but it was like pulling teeth at dinner. In a recent paper , my colleague Jeff Hancock and I wondered: How often do people who use dating apps lie?

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Adapted from a talk by vivisectionist John McArdle, Ph. And, unfortunately, there are many more annoyingly-popular pseudo-scientific myths, masquerading as science, that humans are “omnivores”; those in this article will be refuted. In fact we are omnivores, capable of either eating meat or plant foods. The following addresses the unscientific theory of man being only a plant eater.

We will find that JM consistently fails to support his thesis with real science by erroneously substituting cultural practices for scientific facts and conclusions, the most common and fatal error of those falsely claiming than humans are ” omnivores “. Right, these ‘classifications’ are Linnaean nomenclature which is archaic, out-of-date, and based on insignificant, fragmentary fossilized data alleging to track the human lineage, which should be completely overhauled in light of modern genetic research.

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In short, yes–but most people are doing it wrong. Included are some fun-filled questions to help you “break the ice. Here are some tips to help you navigate your way through the dating pool with your heart intact. These 20 questions are perfect for breaking the ice. Learn to read and understand the signals a man sends with his body language. You just need to do what other people aren’t doing.

Try not to be boring and rise above the crowd. Read to find out if a girl really has a crush on you, so that you don’t let your imagination get the better of you. From bringing up the same old problems to talking excessively about yourself to being too thin-skinned, find out 5 things that women do that really turn off men. What’s considered okay with your girlfriends may not fly with the guys!

I think it’s harder for women to come right out and say they like someone. Usually we want men to ask us out because it shows he’s got guts and a plan and can Before you hear some good advice, you need to hear some bad advice so you know exactly what to avoid doing around women. Whether you’re looking for a honey or want to flirt with the mate you already have, here’s a fun look at flirting.

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Here are four rational reasons why you should potentially scrap dating for the moment. Source Some people are absolutely terrified of being single. Well, like most people, they get lonely. They desperately want to be part of a couple. They want to be loved. These are all valid and understandable reasons for wanting to find a partner.

Rational choice theory, also known as choice theory or rational action theory, is a framework for understanding and often formally modeling social and economic behavior. The basic premise of rational choice theory is that aggregate social behavior results from the behavior of individual actors, each of whom is making their individual decisions.

So often atheists try to find non practicing or moderate Christians to date, and sometimes they just wind up falling in love. Like two different cultures, this can be hectic, straining, and sometimes quite impossible. Especially when you hit the triggers, and the debates come on. Many theists have a narrow scope of vision about atheists. The tend to think that we are just as religious about our lack of belief as they are about their belief.

Most atheists have left the dogmatic thinking of resolved divine answers without questions, to question everything. Including why they believe anything and everything that they do. Some atheists have just abandoned the faith and see no reason to believe. Spending time defending your lack of belief over and over can be daunting for even the best of us. This word should scare atheists.

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RobertChange 09 September Whereas we might think that modern, cultured people are somewhat above those basic instincts and actually look for mates which fit their individual character, values, preferences, and interests, the world of online dating seems to throw us back a couple of centuries of progress. Many dating sites have been designed to increase usage and interaction with the site so that more ads can be shown and do this by relying a lot on pictures of their users to incite other users’ interest.

On the other hand, our individual character, values, preferences, and interests or, ICVPI, for short are to a large extent represented in text form as either essays or predefined answers to predefined questions. Now, while the text contains a lot of the relevant information, it is severely disadvantaged by this site design.

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Explore human lineage through time: September 29, Homo sapiens The latest chapter of human evolution begins with the emergence of Homo sapiens. The anatomy of Homo sapiens is unique among hominin species and appears first in East Africa, dating to roughly thousand years ago ka. These unique features—including changes in the skull and postcranial skeleton skeleton minus skull —suggest changes in brain size and architecture and an adaptation to tropical environments.

These anatomical changes are linked to cognitive and behavioral changes that are equally unique among hominin species. In particular, the archaeological evidence of behaviors thought to be unique to Homo sapiens, which appear first in Africa around ka, highlight the importance of symbolism, complex cognitive behaviors, and a broad subsistence strategy the strategy used to procure food. The evolution of Homo sapiens is vitally important to defining our species in the broader context of human evolution and also has key to understanding the human condition, past and present.

Many of the unique features of Homo sapiens are found in the skull. Brain size estimates suggest that the brain of Homo sapiens was larger than in other hominin species. The average cranial capacity of Homo sapiens is roughly cubic centimeters, making the brains of this species absolutely smaller than those of Homo neanderthalensis.

However, due to its gracile small and lightly built postcranial skeleton see below , the brain of H. The skull itself is much taller than earlier hominin species and the skull is therefore much shorter from front to back in relation to its height. The widest point of the Homo sapiens skull is toward the top of the skull and the sides of the skull are nearly vertical.

Together with the extreme height of the skull, these features give the Homo sapiens skull a house-shaped i.

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Academy Insight of the Day Architects are the most likely personality type to keep their profile info on social media as private as possible. Social Media survey, respondents. Rather than falling head over heels in a whirlwind of passion and romance, INTJs identify potential partners who meet a certain range of pre-determined criteria, break the dating process down into a series of measurable milestones, then proceed to execute the plan with clinical precision.

In a purely rational world, this is a fool-proof methodology — but in reality, it ignores significant details that INTJs are likely to dismiss prematurely, such as human nature. INTJs are brilliantly intellectual, developing a world in their heads that is more perfect than reality.

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Men’s Health Coaching Greetings Good Gentlemen,I am a nutritional health consultant who is starting a brand new coaching business. The Holiday Season is here and your pants barely contain your waistline! Believe me, I’ve been there. Over the past six years, I’ve experimented with some of the alleged “fad diets” like Paleo, Keto, and Carnivory and know the potential pitfalls involved with creating and following Crisis of Motive Many men fall into a trap, where they learn what is attractive to women and they make their life revolve around it.

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Rubidium-strontium dating[ edit ] This is based on the decay of rubidium isotopes to strontium isotopes, and can be used to date rocks or to relate organisms to the rocks on which they formed. It suffers from the problem that rubidium and strontium are very mobile and may easily enter rocks at a much later date to that of formation. One problem is that potassium is also highly mobile and may move into older rocks. Due to the long half-life of uranium it is not suitable for short time periods, such as most archaeological purposes, but it can date the oldest rocks on earth.

This leaves out important information which would tell you how precise is the dating result. Carbon dating has an interesting limitation in that the ratio of regular carbon to carbon in the air is not constant and therefore any date must be calibrated using dendrochronology. Another limitation is that carbon can only tell you when something was last alive, not when it was used. A limitation with all forms of radiometric dating is that they depend on the presence of certain elements in the substance to be dated.

Carbon dating works on organic matter, all of which contains carbon.

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