Warn Winch and Wireless Remote Install


Safety Protecting yourself and those around you is the first and foremost concern while winching. Winches that have been overloaded, set-up improperly or coupled with unreliable accessories are prone to failure. And failure could easily mean a snapped line whipping someone in the face. And that, is an expensive trip to the emergency room. Wear leather gloves, pay attention and keep one person in charge of the winch controls to avoid confusion in the operation. Roll out the hook With the remote in place, unwind a couple feet of line so that enough slack is available to disconnect the winch hook from its anchor point. Select an anchor point This is an important one! In order for your vehicle to be freed successfully, the winch must be attached to a secure anchor point in a straight line from the point where your truck is stuck.

Winch Hook Straps

When not in use, the rear winch is stored on a mount in the bed. This reduces overhang wieght in the rear for better handling and also retains the fairly good rear departure angle protective covering. I have a personal preference for WARN products. They have been making electric winches for more than 30 years and their products have been proven over and over again, all over the world.

Our top quality, military-grade electric and hydraulic winches are the ultimate winch systems you can fit to your 4×4 off-road vehicle and make a great choice for off-road competition.

Superior Jeeps are built with superior components. This was my thinking when I bought a Rubicon, and I will work from this premice over the entire build up of Project Rubi. With this in mind I set out to find the ultimate winch. I’ve heard all the arguments for and against electric and hydraulic winches, and although electric winches have served me well for many years I decided that only a Mile Maker hydraulic winch was capable of meeting my needs for Project Rubi.

There are many reasons why I made the switch from electric to hydraulic, and here are a few: Although electric winches are a little faster when no load exists, when you’re stuck really bad when you need a winch the most! The Mile Marker hydraulic winch is water proof and will function just the same completely submerged.

While these upgrades are probably a good idea anyway, I didn’t want to have to just to be able to winch effectively. With the hydraulic winch you install it and you’re done. I’ve heard the arguments about using an electric winch when the engine won’t run but I figure if your engine won’t run then you’ve got bigger problems than winching.

If you’re so deep under water that the engine won’t run, the electric winch isn’t going to run either. Not for long anyway! When you’re upside down, righting your Jeep with any front mounted winch is nearly impossible anyway.

WARN Industries

Originally Posted by Steel Toe I ran the internal controls like 12volt guy shows. I did change the control location in the cab though. Here is the thread where I wired up my winch. I started off using the wrong ground and everyone helped me figure out the solution and its working great since. I also added a wireless box to the winch so you can run it though a key-chain remote that is all though a control box and relay’s, but not shown in the post.

What I’m looking for is how to best isolate the winch cables from the battery.

Aug 07,  · Warn Winch Hook up Question. This is a discussion on Warn Winch Hook up Question within the Viking General Discussion forums, part of the Yamaha Viking Forums category; Not sure if anybody can clarify this hook up for me. I’ve attached the instructions for the winch, as well as some pics of the.

When electricity is sent to the solenoid upon activation of the power switch, a magnetic field causes the circuit to the winch to be completed and power to be sent to the device for operation. The solenoid protects the winch from being used without a key in the ignition. Wiring the solenoid to the winch and the switch is the final step in the installation process. Run the positive and negative motor wires from the winch to the solenoid.

Fasten these wires to the correctly labeled terminals on the solenoid by backing off the terminal nuts and securing the ring connectors over the terminal bolts. Tighten the terminal nuts back down. Connect the positive and negative battery wires to the solenoid’s terminals marked for the battery. Pay attention to the proper polarity. Run the solenoid’s battery wires to the vehicle’s battery and fasten them to the correct polarity terminals.

These wires are typically color coded to match the solenoid terminals. If they are not, you must trace them back to their source to determine their polarity. Then make the connections to the solenoid based on this information.

Winches and Mounts

See the FAQ section below for a more detailed break down. Control — A remote control, whether wired or through an aerial is a useful feature. It allows you to operate the winch from a safe distance, or even from inside the vehicle cab. Pulling Power — It all comes down to power at the end of the day.

The Fulton Heavy-Duty Winch Strap with Hook offers a durable replacement option for your winch that will hold up against the rigors of your boat trailer. This heavy-duty web winch strap is designed for use with Fulton hand winches (sold separately) and has up to 4, lbs. of maximum working load.

Thats how I hooked it up to my quadrunner. IdahoSpud Winch Installation for King Quad Thanks for the detailed discussion of wiring possibilities for winch installation It sounds like the location of the factory installed lead wires for winch hook-up may vary with the year and model. I will be installing a winch on a King Quad later this week. The contactor has a red and black wire that Warn says to hook up to the battery. That’s what I did so to answer your question about the ground, for my particular setup the ground was the negative battery terminal.

The hardest part was finding that hot fused wire under the left front fender. Once you get that it’s gravy from there. There really isn’t a perfect place to put the contactor but the easiest and best place I could find is under the seat. There is a small compartment toward the rear of the quad next to where the tool kit is stored that the contactor fits perfectly in.

That’s where I put mine. You might find something that works better. I’m kind of lazy and like convenience and ease of installation. So far no problems with my winch.

Beginner’s Guide to Using a Winch

Check with your sales associate for specific listings. Warn front receivers are available for most popular vehicle makes. Warn offers a kit that includes both front and rear receivers. Available for many popular ATV models. Trailer and utility winches include a universal flatbed mounting plate and hardware for mounting the winch directly to the trailer. Universal flatbed mounting plates for most of the vehicle self-recovery winches are available.

Warn manufactures various outdoor equipment for both recreation and work applications. One of their most popular products is a recovery winch that mounts on an ATV (all terrain vehicle). Warn provides a complete kit with all parts necessary to install the winch on almost any make or model of ATV.

Drill File Once you have all your materials, it’s time to get to work. Your winch and mounting plate should come with specific instructions to guide you through the process. No two installation jobs are exactly alike, but in general you’ll follow these steps: Mount the plate — or mounting system — to your ATV. Bolt the plate in place, being careful to move any wires or hoses out of the way so that you don’t damage your ATV.

Use an adhesive like Loctite to secure the bolts as you tighten them. Next, mount your winch onto the plate. Make sure it sits on the plate properly before securing it. You should also make sure your winch’s line has an unobstructed path. If you wish to check your line, you may need to disengage the gear train so that you can pull the line out a few feet.

Just remember to engage the gear train after you test it or you may find yourself wondering why your newly-installed winch isn’t working. Now it’s time to wire your winch. Winch systems use a relay box called a contactor.

Winches for Skidding Logs

Something as simple as where to place a scale item can stop a build in its tracks. But I have finished the flat bed and after a lot of back and forth on where to mount our RC4WD Warn Winch I think having a winch on the bed would be perfect for this build. For this style of build it just makes sense for us to use a long wheel base.

The way I see it, if this winch will take half the abuse I gave my 10K, I’ll be very impressed. Personally I can’t see why people would spend stupid money for a name plate. I can run down stairs and print up a Rolls Royce sticker for my winch, but that doesn’t make my winch any better catch my drift.

I paid for it. The part was coming from the manufacture drop shipped with a shipping date of then it was changed to So when I saw there was no e-mail that it had been shipped I called Summit. Summit called Warn while I was on hold, they came back and told me warn was shipping it on I’m only miles from Warn manufacturing in the Portland, Or area- nothing showed up to day. I called Summit they called Warn again and was told they were waiting on a main drive shaft for that winch which they would receive on the

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To get the most use out of your winch, you need to take the time to understand its operation. The general operating principles and techniques are the same for most winches. Then, practice using your winch before using it on the trail. In a typical winch, the electric motor provides power to the reduction gear mechanism, which turns the winch drum and winds the wire rope.

4 product ratings – WARN Epic 3/8″ Premium Winch Hook for winches up to 10, lb. rating.

They were designed that way from the start. Even base Wranglers and other Jeep models can go much farther into the boondocks than most vehicles. With that much capability already built-in from the factory, you might want to make your first modification a winch. Not because your Jeep is weak, but because it only makes it better—and will always make it more capable for years to come. No matter how many other mods you make—suspension lifts, bigger tires, lower gearing, traction-adders, or others—you can still get into predicaments where a winch is your only way out.

A winch is a tool that will always be there to help you out of any sticky situation. There are some things to think about when you install a winch for the first time.

Winch Hook Straps

Rock solid and dependable. This review is the subjective opinion of a JeepReviews user and not of JeepReviews. Mar 13, Reviewer: I only give it a Nine rating because of the Powder coating which flakes off of the winch and fades over time and that the Pin’s that hook up you remote cable rust away. To thin of a design on warn’s part. Other than that it’s a great winch This review is the subjective opinion of a JeepReviews user and not of JeepReviews.

I only give it a Nine rating because of the Powder coating which flakes off of the winch and fades over time and that the Pin’s that hook up you remote cable rust away. To thin of a design on warn’s part.

Whether you ride across endless miles of barren desert, knee deep snow, shifting sand, or slimy mud, your ATV is uniquely suited for whatever type of terrain you come across. A clear set of instructions makes the job much easier, especially if your machine is pre-wired for it. However, there is more to using the winch than reeling out the cable and dragging yourself or a buddy out of a jam.

If you’ve ever tried to sell used cars that aren’t running anymore, then you’ve likely already had experience with winches, as the dealer drags your car onto their truck. For advice on how to use a winch safely, and to properly maintain it, we went to our friends at BlitzKrueg. Most winches like this WARN unit feature a gear driven electric motor, a coil spool, and fairlead rollers to control cable direction and spooling. The Basics BlitzKrueg sees many riders who buy a winch and then either use it incorrectly or fail to maintain it properly.

Consequently, when the time comes that they really need their winch to work, they are literally between a rock and a hard place, or up the creek without a paddle. Either way, you get the picture. There are a couple ways to prevent that, and one thing BlitzKrueg offers is several sizes of replacement, synthetic rope in varying strengths. There are several reasons for replacing a solid cable with synthetic rope.

How to test a used electric winch on site

Hook up winch The recommended way to wire your winch depends on three things: Hate to have to get 2 more solenoids. Mount the plate — or mounting system — to your atv.

Oct 08,  · The contactor has a red and black wire that Warn says to hook up to the battery. That’s what I did so to answer your question about the ground, for my particular setup the ground was the negative battery terminal.

Sometimes, when you need your winch, you don’t want to spend time digging through your winch accessory bag for your controller. You might not want to crawl out and plug in the controller or route the controller cable back to the cab. Most likely, you want to get out of a bad situation as fast as possible. An in-cab winch controller can be a big time saver when seconds are important.

You can stay in the driver’s seat and run the cable in and out while someone else sets the cable. Having an in-cab controller will also improve the reliability of your winch. One of the most common winch problems is a damaged winch controller.